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NEW! Trekking Success Training Program +Coaching App

If you're going on a multi-day trek or climb, especially at altitude this is the training program you need to specifically prepare for the challenging and unpredictable environment you'll be facing.

  • Trekking Success Training Program + Access To Coaching App.

  • Complete training plan to give you the strength, endurance, agility and skills to get you from where you are now to the summit of your mountain. 
  • 12 weeks of strength, endurance, aerobic, hills and hiking sessions.

  • For the freedom lover - train anywhere, anytime.
  • Ask questions and get support in the members only facebook page. 

  • Be 100% confident in the mountains with exclusive advice from Chase about altitude, gear, health and mindset.



Our clients have followed this program in preparation for treks like Mt Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Everest Circuit, Annapurna Circuit, Mont Blanc, Mera Peak, Island Peak. 

This may be the only chance you have to do something this amazing, make the most of it! 

Reach your goal by following the path that has been proven to get you there:

  • Everything you need & nothing you don't - build the exact type of strength and endurance you'll need to meet the physical and mental demands of mountain environment.
  • Stop Altitude before it stops you - preparing for altitude isn't about spending a few hours in an altitude room. We'll make sure you have the knowledge and self imposed rules that save live's every year in the mountains. 
  • Dominate the terrain -  We'll teach you the vital skills that will keep you safe and injury free on challenging terrain. 
  • Surround yourself with the best - gain access to expert coaches, trek guru's and a like-minded community of people who are authentic and active in their support. 

What can you expect?
- Immediate relief, when you see that your training program tells you exactly what to do for 12 weeks with easy to follow step by step exercises and instructions.
- A boost in your excitement and motivation levels when you are welcomed into 'The Base Camp' community. This is a place for you to ask questions, get motivated, share your wins and broaden your knowledge about preparing for the mountains.
- Total confidence in your ability to reach your goal, because you're not just physically training each week but also gaining valuable insight into every aspect of how to prepare for the mountains from an expert in the field.


Q. I have less than 12 weeks until my trek, what should I do?
A. Start at Week 1 and follow the schedule. Do not skip a training session and complete all training sessions in succession until one week before your trek. Follow the taper week for your last week of training.

The program has been designed to progressively build aerobic, strength and endurance over a period of 12 weeks. It is important that with a shorter length of time to train that you don’t overtrain as this may lead to injury. 

Many people follow this program to maintain their fitness after a trek so you can still use this program when you return home. (There’s always more mountains to climb!)

Q. What equipment will I need?
 This program uses very basic equipment that can be found in any gym. If you plan to carry out the training at home you’ll need a solid step or a bench (about 40-50cm high), dumbbells, rubber barbell plate. We also recommend a timer (stopwatch or phone to time your sessions), Heart Rate Monitor (for aerobic sessions) and a backpack.

Q. I have never trained before is this program for me?

A. This program requires no previous training experience. The exercises are basic and easy to do, although some can be awkward the first time around. Be patient, carefully study the exercise descriptions and photos and use lighter weights.

We highly recommend atleast for the first few weeks that you seek exercise instruction from a local coach or personal trainer to ensure you’re performing the exercises in correct form. (Believe me, the trainer will be relieved to have a 12 week program handed to them).


You’ll receive your training program as a PDF immediately after purchase via email.
Once received, immediately download and save your training program to your laptop/computer as the link will expire.You will only be able to download the file three times from the email link; after that you will not be able to download again. If you are experiencing problems or your link has expired please contact us.

Your bonus video series will be delivered weekly to the email address you provided.


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