About training for a trek - Big Mountain Training


There’s no greater moment than those first few seconds when you reach the summit & realise the 1 million squats paid off.  

We believe that having a dream & making it happen is everything, that no one needs to go it alone and that together we’ll awaken the adventurer within. Getting to the top of your mountain is the aim of the game but everything in between is what matters.

The mission is simple:

To give you the tools to build the strength of a Sherpa, endurance of a mountain warrior & the mindset of an elite athlete (and a little bit of Gandhi).

The way we do this is through our step-by-step training plans, which give you access to trekking specific workouts, all of our knowledge (gear, altitude, skills, mindset) and our extended brains trust (The Base Camp – community).

We don’t hold anything back, because building a body and mind that will power you to the top and back down safely is our number 1 priority.

Not a fitness program, an empowering personal evolution.


Our Big Vision.
Awaken the compassion of humanity through life changing journeys. 

It’s rare to spend time in the mountains and not reflect on your contribution to the world. This vision may be big, some say impossible. But like anything in life, it starts by taking small steps of action. In 2015 our community took a small step of action and this is what happened. #compassioninaction