Kilimanjaro Summit Program - Big Mountain Training

Kilimanjaro Summit Program

The Kilimanjaro Summit Program is your plan for success and safe trek. If you're climbing Mt Kilimanjaro this is the training program you need to specifically prepare for the challenging and unpredictable environment you'll be facing.

Our guarantee: if you follow this program for 12 weeks immediately before your trek and apply the skills and methods we teach you and still don't get to the top because you were unprepared we'll refund you the cost of the program. This is your insurance policy for success. That's how clear we are, we're going to make sure you get there.

+ Bonus 12 episode video series where you'll get the inside tips, tricks and tools that will have you feeling like a pro-trekker before you step foot in the mountains.

This may be the only chance you have to do something this amazing, make the most of it!  

Reach Kili by following the path that has been proven to get you there:

  • Everything you need & nothing you don't - build the exact type of strength and endurance you'll need to meet the physical and mental demands of mountain environment.
  • Stop Altitude before it stops you - preparing for altitude isn't about spending a few hours in an altitude room. We'll make sure you have the knowledge and self imposed rules that save live's every year in the mountains. 
  • Dominate the terrain -  We'll teach you the vital skills that will keep you safe and injury free on challenging terrain. 
  • Surround yourself with the best - gain access to expert coaches, trek guru's and a like-minded community of people who are authentic and active in their support. 


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